jeri-044-217x300Jeri Tourand is a Heart-Centered Mother of three beautiful girls, a published author, speaker, coach and former school teacher. . She studies and practices “Heart-Centered child rearing” and has completed parenting classes and several personal development courses across North America. She is certified with Peak Potentials as a speaker and trainer and is passionate about helping individuals and families heal emotional wounds and tap into the power of their HEART and Emotional Guidance System to experience the wonders, joy and evolution of parenting and of living!

Jeri Tourand IS a spiritual being having a human experience. 
She was born into a family where intellect was highly valued, post-secondary education and beyond was expected and performance was rewarded. Jeri was well looked after and loved. Unfortunately she felt like she was not “seen”. She was painfully shy, felt invisible, unimportant and soon adopted the belief that she was stupid. As a result, sheʼs spent a great deal of her adult life trying to prove herself to others and prove to herself that she is intelligent, worthy, and important. Jeri is a self-professed self-help addict. As a result of many of her own life challenges, spiritual growth and personal development have become her greatest passion.

Committed to making a difference, and to ensuring that each child she came into contact with felt valued and seen, she became a school teacher, received her Bachelors of Education at the University of Alberta in 1992. Jeri taught in various grade levels and worked with many children with Special Needs for 10 years, but often found herself feeling frustrated, hurt and disillusioned. Teaching was not what she expected and she felt the children’s needs were not being met in the present system. However, she lacked the confidence and courage to stand up against the system and fight for the much needed change. She married an amazing man and had three beautiful daughters, taking time off her teaching to raise her children. Jeri’s heart sank as she watched and felt their spirit begin to slip away as they grew and entered school. However, she was determined to fill them with enough love and self-confidence that they would be immune to the negativity that they would encounter in school and in the world around them.

Jeri has immersed herself in personal growth in order to “BE the change” and save the world, and ironically, almost lost her family in the process. She made some changes and although separated, she now enjoys a loving friendship and partnership with her husband and strives to be the loving parent and joyful Human BEING she wishes her children to become.

Jeri has built, led and coached a successful business team, and studied with the masters (including Brian Klemmer and T. Harv Eker) as a leader and speaker. Through the lessons of her studies and particularly of her life challenges and some former health issues, Jeri has learned how to follow her heart and speak, think and act through love in order to heal herself and her family. Jeri is excited about sharing her Heart-Centered strategies in order to lead the change and to help people raise their family and themselves “From HEART”.