Let it Flow then Let it Go

“Let it flow then let it go” – Wise words from the Peaceful Warrior.

“The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” is a beautiful book by Dan Millman and an excellent motion picture. This phrase has often come to the forefront for me as I work through the process of letting go of my old, limiting and false beliefs.

What are those beliefs you hold about yourself that you know have been keeping you stuck, preventing you from truly expressing the Divine Being that you are? And what happens when you find them? Could it be as simple as choosing to let them go?

One limiting belief I have held is that nothing I do is ever good enough; I am never good enough. This has led to serious self-criticism and judgments and so of course I ‘recognize’ and it triggers me when other people in my life “seem” judgmental and critical – particularly of me! Go figure!

I’ve gotten used to the way the universe works as a perfect mirror for us; bringing to us exactly what we put out there…matching our energy and gifting us with precisely what we despise (and are too often focused on) in the hopes that we may come to heal that part of ourselves. At times, I admit, it seems like a bottomless pit; layer by gut wrenching layer we move through it…feeling it fully and eventually surrendering it to the universe. Albeit, much more easily said than done. “Ahhhh, such beautiful release!” we think…and feel as if a weight has been lifted; a glimpse of freedom. But wait…there’s more…always more.
  It does seem however that we are finally getting to the core – this muck is deeply rooted.

So for as much as I am grateful, I am also impatient, angry, and more critical than ever! It seems to be consuming me some days where all I can see is what is wrong with everyone, myself included. I remind myself not to judge…simply to BE with the emotion – I am the observer of it….allowing it to be whatever it is. I go to where I’m feeling it. I enlarge it; I feel it welling up even more intensely inside of me. Hmmmm…I begin to wonder: Why is it here? What is it trying to tell me? What is the message here? I breathe through it – sending light and love and even gratitude to it; thanking it for being there to keep me safe. It’s okay; I am okay and worthy with or without this belief. This belief is not me; it’s not true, and in fact, it’s not even mine! I picked it up from my Dad. It’s all perfect – at least I know this on some level! So I tell it that I no longer need it, that I will be okay without it, and then I set the intention to surrender it, to let it go.

I repeat this process many times, and soon I am walking around feeling empty, unsure. I have identified myself for so long with those false beliefs that I am unsure who I am without them. Now this is a key point. At this point it would be easy to pick that baggage back up as I can feel vulnerable and scared without it. This is where I need to choose what I want to be, what beliefs I wish to hold; those beliefs that will support me in my quest for self-realization and God-realization.   This is who I am!  So I carefully chose and plant new seeds of thought. I feel how it feels to hold these new beliefs and imagine how my life would be different. And so I know, as I have caught a glimpse…that although it can be painful and difficult, I will do the work and stay in process…until FREEDOM is mine!

I thought this video was a great little compliment to the blog! EnJOY!



© Jeri Tourand
, Living from Heart Center – June, 2012


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