Parenting From HEART

Parenting from H.E.A.R.T. means raising HEART-centered, EMOTIONALLY intelligent children through building AUTHENTIC relationships based on RESPECT and TRUST….this new paradigm of parenting will shift the world…and God knows…we need a shift!!

Choosing Powerful THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS guaranteed to Awaken and Inspire your Child to a lifetime of Extraordinary Success and Happiness.

Keep Your Parenting Positive

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. “ – Mahatma Gandhi

I asked my then 10 yr old, Mackenzie: How do you know when Mom is “Parenting from HEART”?

Her reply: “When you stare at us for 5 minutes and see all the wonderful things! Parenting from HEART is treating us nice and making us get more excited about things I never thought I’d get excited about, and following what our HEARTS tell us to do.”

~ Jeri Tourand

My mission is to save the world!  I am inspired to awaken parents and teachers to reconnect with their HEART – which has never forgotten-who you really are.  You were born a JoyFUL, Loving, Compassionate and Powerful Human BEing who is here for a reason.  Our outside is a perfect reflection of our inside.  Changing the world is an inside job.  One awakened person at a time will awaken one family at a time, that will raise the awareness of one school, one community, one province, one country, and our planet.

My mission is to show people how their Joy and Emotions can expose to them their gifts and thus their purpose on the planet.  Living this purpose will allow joy to flow through every cell of their body and spread to their families and every person they come into contact with.  I am here to help people reconnect to the truth; that we truly are all one and that each of us does make a difference and is an important and integral piece of the whole.

When we are not living our purpose, we lack passion and are easily susceptible to depression and negativity.  If an accountant is not gifted or born to be an accountant – we all pay the price.  Their HEART and the universe will whisper and do what it can to help guide them to live more authentically – and at first this dissonance can cause a lot of pain and emotional turmoil.  But if they stop and think – they  will know, because they always felt like they didn’t fit in with their colleagues, like there was something more, and they were given dreams and inspiration to clue them in.

If a Heart cell has been working as a liver cell all it’s life, how could it be happy?  It is not doing what it is meant to, with no recognition and validation that one gets when they share their gifts.  Think about this:  If enough cells in the body of humanity do not live from authenticity and follow what they are meant to do – the body will become dis-eased and slowly die. Is that not a perfect reflection of what has been happening in our world? Imagine a world where every person (or cell) knew they were born to live their joy and express their gifts in order to serve the body of humanity??  Wouldn’t the world be an amazing place filled with joyful, loving, and peaceful beings?

Together, we can heal the planet…but we must tune in to the calling of our HEARTS and teach our children to do the same, through our example.

Now more then ever….We must BECOME the person we wish our children to BE.  Our world, literally, depends upon it.