Traveling the Highway of Life

I write this as I travel with my family along the beautiful BC highway. I love driving, but even more I love being a passenger….when I can reflect, meditate and ‘breathe in’ the lush green forest surrounding us, marvel at the grandiose mountains holding us nestled safely in their lap, take in the pristine lakes, calm, blue and cool…filled with life…all of nature symbiotically breathing in perfect unison and harmony. Truly amazing.

Traveling along this highway of life grants me the perfect opportunity to practice full presence…to deepen my breath in unison with the calm and peaceful surroundings. I am a tree, strong and flexible with deep roots and far-reaching branches toward the heavens. My green leaves soak up the energy and nourishment of the sun and the rain. I am the ripple in the pristine lake, cool and flowing in harmony with the sea of life. I am the enormous mountain solid and sure, a wise old soul with new life sprouting forth every day; simply by my presence I support and encourage new growth and whole communities of life… here for the purpose of supporting and loving one another through the growing pains. I am the vast blue sky, expansive and all-encompassing, and the fluffy white cloud floating by without a care in the world. As I breathe it all in, I allow life itself to penetrate deep into my core igniting each of my cells, infusing my body with life and with love. I pause and ask myself Eckhart Tolle’s presencing question, “ I wonder what my next thought will be?” then I hold the space for long as possible, allowing myself to simply BE, here, now.

My peace is suddenly interrupted.  My three kids are apparently in need of a break and getting rather excitable in the back; I won’t let it phase me. I can hear them teasing one another, feelings getting hurt and I listen in, curious about whether or not they will sort it out or if I will be called to intervene. Their voices elevate and I breathe audibly and remind myself, “They can handle this.” Miraculously…they do. I feel great Love and Gratitude….All is well.


© Jeri Tourand, Living from Heart Center – July. 2012

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