Self-Love, Forgiveness and Trilotherapy coaching for Self-Love, Life Balance, Inner Peace and Awakening LOVE.

Jeri offers both Private and Group coaching for Self-Love, Forgiveness/ Ho’oponopono, and Awakening. Her specialty is self-love and relationship coaching.

ZEN Trilotherapy Coaching and Training:
As a Sensei of Zen Master, Nissim Amon, Jeri is certified as a Trilotherapy coach and has trained dozens of people as certified Trilotherapy practitioners.

Trilotherapy is a path to enlightenment. It is about life balance (aligning your head and heart) and awakening the “inner buddha” for an experience of inner peace and true happiness. Trilotherapy helps one connect with their Soul purpose, release old paradigm ideas, beliefs and past trauma and step into the next chapter of their lives with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

Her loving energy literally fills up the room!

Jeri Tourand is a gifted parent, teacher, author, coach, facilitator and healer. Her heart-centered approach to living has sustained her through many challenges in life. It is these challenges that provides for her the ability to connect on a deep, heartfelt level to the challenges that her clients, audience members and readers are going through. This heart centered connection is the first step in effective change, evolution and growth.

When you connect with Jeri, as a student, client, reader, etc., you immediately feel this tremendous light and loving heart energy that permeates from her. Her loving energy literally fills up the room, and makes everyone in the room feel that they are loved and supported.

Many have expressed feeling her energy and light even from across the room. Her magical light and powerful energy connects everyone into a group of purpose and unity. If you have the opportunity to hire Jeri as your coach, seize it. It will change your life.

– Robert –

Thank you Jeri, you have saved my life

Looking back to that dark time in my life, I cannot thank Jeri enough or give enough praise to the work she does. In 4 short, long but short, months I have made incredible progress. More than I made in all my previous 20 some years of therapies combined. I have had more earth shattering breakthroughs, more deep healing…more understanding of who I am than ever before. I have stopped using drugs and alcohol, stopped gambling…stopped hating myself. And for the first time in my life I am feeling the unfamiliar, delicious, beautiful sensation of loving myself…

Thank you Jeri, you have saved my life…

– Maureen A., Edmonton –

Thank you. Thank you.

I know my gift. I am proof that self love can change your life forever. I am the student that is rocking my own reality because of Jeri. I attract people who are looking for answers and they want what I have. I know exactly where to send them. Jeri, you are a guiding light. Thank you. Thank you.

– Michelle F –

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