When Jeri speaks, the whole room becomes quiet. She has a way of transferring her heart message with so much impact that no one wants to miss a word. 

~ MJ Domet, Award winning best selling author, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator

Jeri is wonderful and perfectly present.

~ Kathy, Edmonton

Jeri, it’s like you’re channeling inner wisdom. You’re like Abraham and I’m in the hot seat. But it’s even better…it’s manifesting at its finest. I love you.

…You should hear the stuff you say…I almost feel like you don’t at times because you’re just divinely tuning in…but you go so deep. ~ Michelle Valencia


I love attending Jeri’s events, I get so much value and information and she’s a beautiful being that radiates love and caring for everyone in the room. I especially love her Ho’oponopono events which are all about forgiveness and love and the power of a group coming together to let go, forgive and love can be felt in the entire room. Make sure to attend one (or lots) of her events and you will continue to go back. Thanks for bring more love and light to the world! ~Michelle Bateman

This workshop helped me laser focus into the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been holding me back. I felt an energetic release in my neck/ shoulders as emotional blockages began to leave. I feel better able to remain open, radically accepting and more prepared to work on outstanding forgiveness work. Looking forward to more to come on this journey, and so blessed to have met Jeri in this lifetime! Thank you so much, Jeri! ~ Annick

This meetup group is inspiring and provides a safe environment to open your heart and mind for self awareness and growth. Jeri is an excellent coach with a tremendous amount of love and knowledge to guide the events. I love it! ~ Michelle Feil

Jeri is wonderful and perfectly present. ~Kathy, Edmonton

The energy that emanates from Jeri Tourand, and her weekly circles perfectly named, “Living from Heart Center,” is astoundingly fulfilling. This envisioning of a tangible expression of a “Heaven on Earth,” is a unique experience that is full of authentic and genuine love; a real heart-felt approach in providing a pathway(s) to releasing the dis-ease that can potentially hinder our natural ability of the limitless expression of our divinity. These offerings of knowledge and human connection are something everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. ~ Andrew 


What an amazing weekend!  I went to a love retreat and met the most amazing people ever!  I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity to learn from everyone. I am so proud of myself for doing the work that needed to be done.  I’m grateful for my coaches and all the people that shared from their hearts! My senses feel the breeze of energy that was whispered in a weekend. Oh and some great food and dancing too.Thank you all for all that you do. ~ Kay

I’m feeling so loved! I went to an Unconditional Love Retreat on the weekend and met so many like-minded, beautiful, amazing people! My heart is exploding with love and I am grateful for the experience, the coaches and every single person that contributed to An incredible experience and the start of an amazing journey! ~ Nikki R

This weekend opened my heart up to love more than I have ever known – both from myself and from others. If you feel stuck in any way on your journey, this weekend will be a breakthrough! You will get out of it what you put into it. For me, it was a life changing experience. Love and Light! ~ Cheri 

The whole weekend was an overdose in excitement! This will make me a way better boyfriend for sure! I spent a full day rewriting and reviewing all the activities, lectures, discussions, and notes. WOW. The most fun I had was all the physical and social stuff and the ENTIRE Saturday night! ALL HEAVEN ON EARTH!  ~ Gord

This course helps you know and love your inner self. The techniques are really motivational. I’m totally overwhelmed at this moment with the bonding of all these special people and getting re-birthed.  ~ Lyle

An opportunity to open my heart and learn to love myself more. I felt totally loved, held, and supported throughout the weekend. My heart was filled with joy. I felt such connection and friendship. I have made friends that I will keep in touch with.

I wish for everyone who is hurting, expanding, wanting more out of life, healing, or wanting an open heart, to come to this workshop and be prepared to transform their life.  ~ Danielle 

I learned to love myself and learned how to show, express, and expand that into the rest of my life. I feel so full, and at peace within myself. I feel a sense of peacefulness and ease now that I haven’t felt in years.  ~ NR

The laughs, the cries, the friends! I got a chance to express myself openly without judgement, and I got to open to things that I didn’t think I’d be able to. I felt a whole new extension of my family and the start to peeling the layers of the onion of life. ~ KP

The opportunity to see and hear from my heart. It is true, I achieved heaven on earth this weekend. I was able to be open and vulnerable in a safe place of sharing.  ~ Patti

I highly, highly encourage this for those who are searching for healing and change in their lives. Loved it!  ~ Wendy

Other people should attend this to begin to feel again, to find purpose, to feel love and belonging, and have a meaning for life.  ~ Danny

You’ll have to experience it yourself. Words can never capture the essence of this amazing teaching.  ~ Lyle


Jeri Tourand is a gifted parent, teacher, author, coach, facilitator and healer. Her heart-centered approach to living has sustained her through many challenges in life.  It is these challenges that provide for her the ability to connect on a deep, heartfelt level to the challenges that her clients, audience members and readers are going through. This heart centered connection is the first step in effective change, evolution and growth.

When you connect with Jeri, you immediately feel this tremendous light and loving heart energy that permeates from her. Her loving energy literally fills up the room, and makes everyone in the room feel that they are loved and supported. 

Many have expressed feeling her energy and light even from across the room. Her magical light and powerful energy connects everyone into a group of purpose and unity.

If you have the opportunity to hire Jeri as your coach, seize it. It will change your life. ~ Robert

Looking back to that dark time in my life, I cannot thank Jeri enough or give enough praise to the work she does. In 4 short, long but short, months I have made incredible progress. More than I made in all my previous 20 some years of therapies combined.  I have had more earth shattering breakthroughs, more deep healing…more understanding of who I am than ever before. I have stopped using drugs and alcohol, stopped gambling…stopped hating myself. And for the first time in my life I am feeling the unfamiliar, delicious, beautiful sensation of loving myself…

 Thank you Jeri, you have saved my life…~ Maureen A., Edmonton

I know my gift. I am proof that self love can change your life forever. I am the student that is rocking my own reality because of Jeri. I attract people who are looking for answers and they want what I have. I know exactly where to send them. Jeri, you are a guiding light. Thank you. Thank you. ~ Michelle F., Trilotherapy Graduate


Jeri is a warm, radiant, beautiful loving facilitator with brilliant wisdom, awareness and expertise. These teachings and philosophies are the wisdom to our truth that as a society we have suffered tremendously from the conditioning of our ancestors solely and collectively. Trilotherapy gives you the tools to break free from self limiting concepts so that you can live in a continuous space of unconditional love, fulfilment and personal empowerment and align to your true Divine purpose. I highly recommend to invest in yourself and rediscover who you truly are and what you were born to be. Thank you Jeri for a memorable weekend and introducing this path of light into my life. 

In Gratitude,

~Tai-Monique Kristjansen, Trilotherapy Graduate

I just enjoyed the most beautiful weekend of deep inquiry, soul connection, heart-led activities at Jeri Tourand’s Zen Trilotherapy Weekend Retreat and I feel nourished from the inside out! What a wonderful way to press the reset button and to deepen in my I AM presence and LOVE! ~ Olivia Joy Love

Thank you for an amazing weekend!!

Jeri, your masterful facilitation of the Zen Trilotherapy weekend led to profound insights that came up with both grace and ease. I’m sure I not only speak for myself, when I say that I feel more at peace with each passing moment. And that’s where we live after all, in the “moment.”

What time is it? Now!

Where am I? Here!

“I am the eye of the hurricane.”

God bless & Namaste, ~ Ira

I have witnessed the shift. I do believe in existence, in my power, my love, my will and it was wonderful to have a safe and supportive group and environment to witness this new found energy. Jeri is very knowledgeable and wonderful in guiding you through processes with compassion and inner strength to just feel WHAT IS! Right NOW! Everything is OK! 🙂 ~ Michelle

The Zen Trilotherapy retreat was 2.5 days of self discovery and connection with fellow retreaters. We are all on different paths but yet so similar.

Jeri is an amazing facilitator and a beautiful soul. She is so passionate and knowledgeable, She is so great at guiding all of us to find our true selves, our best selves.

If you are stuck in your life or want a better relationship with yourself and others or want to take a giant step towards freeing yourself, I highly recommend the next Trilo retreat or better yet sign up for Trilotherapy training.

The settings were beautiful, food was delicious, and the training was enlightening; worth every penny.

~ Mihaela, Trilotherapy Graduate

I’m still on cloud 9 after an amazingly blissful and transformational weekend at the Zen Trilotherapy Retreat. I’m so blessed to have shared space and energy with so many beautiful souls. Thank you Jeri Tourand for bringing us all together, and sharing your wisdom and love. ~ Jessica S.

Jeri, I woke up this morning with a purpose. I’ve been lost for so long but not anymore. I have so many ideas coming to me, they are just freely flowing. I’m not creating these ideas, they are being created for me. I don’t want to stand in my way any more. I’m letting my head and my heart go free….I have you to thank for that.They want to be free to create this vision and I am going to just allow it to happen.I’m shedding my old self and I’m evolving into the being I was meant to be. I’m so energized right now that I just want to cry. I’ve been waiting for this for so long now.

I’ve found my purpose! 😀 

I’m working to get these thoughts on paper…they just keep coming!!!

Expressing myself has never been easy for me but this is helping me to get past that.

I’m going to do whatever it takes to take down all the walls I’ve been hiding behind….

I’m still guarded and scared but I know I can do this!

Thank you for helping me. You are truly a gifted person. Thank you. ~ Richard W.


Firstly, I want to thank you for the session. It has been a long time since I felt so quiet, clear, aligned and at peace with myself. It also seems like my meditations are more focused and flowing. It was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to learning more about this modality. ~ Bob

Amazing stuff. After a discussion with Jeri I took the 111®Activation and felt 30 lbs lighter. I released so much, as well the pain in my arthritic knees went away. ~ Kelly

The 111® Activation is filled with Absolute All Embracing Loving Energy that sweeps through your Light Body from head to toe releasing old wounds, clearing old patterns and re-setting your template for a higher vibrational experience…Jeri’s gentle love is the perfect vessel to transmit this Divine Activation…with Thanks. ~ Tilda


The previous six weeks leading up to Jeri Tourand’s Free Yourself through Ho’oponopono, has proven to be a struggle to keep my center, and for the week right before her 2 1/2 hour workshop, I was feeling very “flat,” disengaged from life and not very hopeful about the future. The very next morning after Jeri’s wonderful workshop, I had (for the first time in a VERY long time) the very distinct feeling of “all is well in the world.” This realization had a deep effect on me and has left me feeling hopeful, much happier and at peace with moving forward in my life. In addition to this, I was also in the midst of dealing with a nasty cold which had my nose running like a faucet, and the very next day it was gone entirely.

I highly recommend that if you are ready to move past your blocks, to enrol in one of her presentations or seek her out for a one to one session. It’s well worth the money, and if you’re open, much greater peace of mind and happiness can be yours for the asking. ~ Luc Bouchard, Bare Bones Communications

Jeri, I must thank you!! I have felt a complete difference since our session!! 

Like the dark heaviness has been lifted!!!! Even in my sex life it has opened up like WOW…Sorry just had to share ’cause my energy has changed so much!!! Send you so much love and light. Thank you Thank you Thank you. ~ Verna

Very cleansing, healing, excellent take away. Certainly I will enjoy practicing the meditations for the rest of my days in this lifetime, and perhaps beyond. ~ Julie

Excellent, just excellent. – Ho’oponopono participant

It was amazing. Thank you! ~ Susane

Very Freeing. Energy feels very gentle and loving/caring. Looking forward to practising and getting additional information. ~ Sophia

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