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Jeri has over 20 year experience speaking to groups of all sizes with audiences of up to hundreds of people. She has presented on numerous topics over the years and is happy to develop a presentation to address the needs of your particular group:

Topics may include:

  • The Keys to Living from Heart Center
  • Forgiveness and the Keys to Freedom
  • T.O.O.L.S. for a Happy and Fulfilling Life of Influence
  • Mindfulness for Well-Being
  • Balancing your Mind and Emotion to find Inner Peace
  • Awakening to your True Purpose
  • Parenting from H.E.A.R.T.
  • Bullying is a Cry for Love
  • Vulnerability is the Gateway to Love
  • Love and Relating – A New Paradigm

Jeri has completed Train the Trainer Speaker Training with Peak Potentials in 2009.
She has been a speaker, presenter and trainer:
*In her teaching career from 1992 until 2015
*As a radio host – on Inner Guide Empowerment Radio on Blogtalk and Realife Radio
*Presented on “Bullying as a Cry for Love” at schools and a conference
*Speaker at International Business conferences for direct sales leaders and business owners
*Project Management Institute Conference speaker
and more…

Has been developing and leading workshops, trainings, retreats and speaking presentations on Self-Love, Forgiveness and Awakening from 2012 until the present

No one wants to miss a word

When Jeri speaks, the whole room becomes quiet. She has a way of transferring her heart message with so much impact that no one wants to miss a word.

– MJ Domet, Award winning best selling author, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator –


Jeri is wonderful and perfectly present.

Kathy, Edmonton

Divinely tuning in

Jeri, it’s like you’re channeling inner wisdom. You’re like Abraham and I’m in the hot seat. But it’s even better…it’s manifesting at its finest. I love you.
…You should hear the stuff you say…I almost feel like you don’t at times because you’re just divinely tuning in…but you go so deep.

– Michelle Valencia –

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