The Exploration and Expression of my Authentic Self

The last several months have held some of the best, worst and most enlightening moments of my life.  I’ve allowed myself to show up…more than I ever have…for myself, for my children, my friends and even, bit by bit, for … Continue reading

The Journey to Authenticity

What does Authenticity mean to you?  Don’t look it up,  and don’t google it – look inside. How do you know when you are being truly Authentic with yourself and with others? When your thoughts, words and actions are congruent? … Continue reading

Let it Flow then Let it Go

“Let it flow then let it go” – Wise words from the Peaceful Warrior. “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” is a beautiful book by Dan Millman and an excellent motion picture. This phrase has often come to the forefront … Continue reading

Traveling the Highway of Life

I write this as I travel with my family along the beautiful BC highway. I love driving, but even more I love being a passenger….when I can reflect, meditate and ‘breathe in’ the lush green forest surrounding us, marvel at … Continue reading