People have asked me what the difference is in my energy lately.
“You seem different,” people have said. “Your energy is flowing better.”
Here’s the secret…I gave up! I stopped trying.
Sounds terrible I know but OMG – it’s amazing.
Trying is HARD by definition. I claim I want to BE in that space of the EASE and FLOW of the Universe. Yet, I’ve been TRYING to “get” there.
But trying is resisting…it is the very thing that stopped me from BEING there.

So..TRY (couldn’t resist!)…no, I want you do DO this experiment right now:
Sit down in a chair. Now TRY to get up. Follow the instructions; you are to TRY to get up…not to GET up – just try. Now…where are you? Exerting a LOT of EFFORT and ENERGY I’ll bet? You are stuck aren’t you?? You are neither sitting in the chair nor are you up from the chair but you are literally STUCK in between – in resistance.

RESISTANCE is such a tiring place to be. Imagine you are in a river floating downstream with the current. Fun right? Easy? Any energy needed? NO! In fact the current just takes you…there is tons of energy GIVEN to you…not only are you in the ease and flow but you are totally and EFFORTLESSLY being SUPPORTED in moving forward!! Whohooo!!! That is how the Universe works; the Universe is the current, and all we need to do is stop resisting…stop TRYING to control – let go of the oars and trust. If you swim against the current – WOW – serious effort – bet you will feel tired all the time! If you grab onto a branch and try to stay in the same place – resisting moving (resisting change), that is work too…not as much as going against the current but still – serious effort and energy required right?!

One of my close friends told me the other day “Jeri…F** it! I’m tired of trying so hard!”
All I could think was “YAY!!!” He’s finally going to let go and get in the flow!! Voila! The very next day.. huge transformation! He had a sudden burst of energy and ideas galore!! He inspired me to do the same.

The definition of STRESS is RESISTING what is!! Trying is basically saying you are not okay with the way it is – you want to change but you are not willing to change, or to do the work – so you sabotage yourself and force yourself to stay in your comfort zone by TRYING.
But guess what – it’s NOT comfortable – it’s exhausting and frustrating isn’t it?

The key is to stop trying.
Trying to get there is the very thing that is stopping you from BEING here….and from already having whatever it is you are ‘striving’ and ‘trying’ for….
In focusing your energy and attention on what is not working,
you continue to attract more of the same and that, is the definition of “stuck.”
There is nothing “wrong” with where you are right now. Focus on what IS working, how where you are right now is serving you. Is it serving you in identifying what you don’t want? Great! That’s the first step in figuring out what you do want. Is it serving you in allowing you to stay stuck, in your comfort zone, resisting change? Great! That is a great place to get really quiet and have a good look at what you are resisting….

What if trying to get there is the only thing stopping you from being here, where you already HAVE everything you need?

Trying is effortful, energy draining, frustrating
Being is effortless, energy FULL, and en-lightening!

Stop trying to be somewhere else.
Start embracing exactly where you are.
Release the self-judgment and condemnation.
Know that there is nothing wrong with you.
 Stop trying to be better.
You are already good enough.
Surrender to what is.
Your energy will return and you may even see that you already are where you’ve been striving to be….fully guided and in the ease and flow of the universe—you’ve simply been blocking it with all that TRYING—-let it go and allow the flow!!!!

Don’t try your best but DO your best and then surrender to the universe with love, trust and JOY!!! EnJOY the ride!!


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” -Joseph Campbell