1. What is a self-love and forgiveness coach / What do you do?

Basically I help people free themselves to BE themselves – expressing authentically, as LOVE, in their lives and in the world. I also love relationship coaching, but it all has to start with healing the relationship with ourselves and then it can transform our outer relationships!

I help people let go of hurtful and non-serving beliefs, ideas, imprints and trauma from the past through a completion process of forgiveness. The tool I use most and absolutely love for this is Ho’oponopono. Once they have cleared some baggage, they are ready to fill up the empty spaces with the truth of who they are…which of course…is LOVE. I help people recognize their genius, skills and innate worth; I help them KNOW themselves authentically and when you know yourself, you love yourself. We have to stop identifying ourselves through the filter of the worst things we’ve ever done or that have been done to us and free ourselves.

2. What got you into this field and what did you do before?

I was a school teacher for 10 years and then got busy raising my three beautiful daughters.
I started a personal development journey after my Dad died (2001) and got serious about it after my 3rd child was born in 2005. I realized I really didn’t know who I was and my life was super focused on gaining other people’s approval since I really had a debilitating belief that I was never good enough (at anything!).
I had a breakdown/ breakthrough when my marriage was suffering and I felt torn; it was not bad enough to leave, yet not good enough to stay. My health broke down. I had anxiety and I was scared. I felt like no matter what decision I would make, I’d be hurting my children, myself, my spouse…someone I loved was bound to get hurt! It was 3 years of anxiety attacks, emotional pain, physical pain and mental anguish. After numerous hospital visits, doctors, naturopathic practitioners, juicing and supplements, what finally started to shift things for me was learning to love and forgive myself. I found my purpose in my pain and now I am a self-love and forgiveness coach because I KNOW it works and I KNOW it’s deeply needed.

3. How can ‘living from heart center’ change someone’s life?

It means connecting with the Divinity within you and listening to what your heart wants and to your soul’s ‘knowingness’ then learning to TRUST and act upon that. When we get this, our life flows. Life becomes an adventure, we tap into our courageous, curious and loving selves (which reside in the heart center) and when we learn the tools to tap into our heart’s wisdom and make decisions from a centered place, our actions become inspired and life just works better. We are meant to love and be loved so the biggest by-product of living from heart Center and loving ourselves is that we suffer less and enjoy life more! To me, it’s living in the “miracle zone” – flowing with life, surrendering, playing and expressing moment to moment.

4. What kind of sessions, workshops and events do you do/ when’s the next one?

LOTS! And it’s always changing as I grow and evolve!
Right now I lead workshops several times a month on various topics related to self-love, forgiveness and awakening. I also do private and group coaching and facilitate at least one Zen Trilotherapy retreat (a path to awakening – based on lessons from the Zen Master I studied with since 2011) each year as well as an Unconditional Love retreat. I’m so lucky to be able to do this! Find the next one at www.facebook.com/livingfromheartcenter or www.meetup.com/livingfromheartcenter

5. What is ho’oponopono? How do you use it to help others?

It’s a Hawaiian forgiveness prayer/ tool/ mantra used for clearing karma, trauma, ideas, beliefs and any energies that are interfering with your happiness. It goes much deeper than that and can be used for so much more than people realize but you’ll have to come to my workshop for that! It’s based on the four powerful phrases: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

It really helps to complete the past so you can be more present and embrace real happiness as well as enabling you to truly OPEN to love.

6. What would you recommend for someone at the beginning of their heart opening journey/ what does that look like in their life?

The first thing to do is to make a commitment to yourself to listen to the deep whispers of your heart and soul and practise speaking to and treating yourself like you would someone you love.

7. Can you explain your process and a session would typically go if someone were to book with you?

I like to set up an initial discovery call or invite people to attend one of my informal workshops posted on my Living from Heart Center meetup site.
Once we sit in session, we start with a centering breath or brief guided meditation and the rest is very intuitively guided. I’m a deep listener and I am willing to ask them the hard questions to move them forward. They’ll leave with greater clarity and excitement, powerful tools and a plan to move them forward in their lives and relationships.

8. How often would you recommend someone come see you for sessions?

If you really want to learn to love yourself and forgive yourself – my personal Mastery program in self-love and awakening is 10 sessions and a retreat. For general coaching, I like to do a minimum of 3 sessions with a person. Otherwise it can be like opening pandora’s box. You will need assistance to navigate all the inevitable change once you commit to yourself and to being in partnership with creation.

If you only wish to do one session to clear some stuff that’s surfaced for you, I will do an Emotion Code (finding and releasing trapped emotions), EFT session (tapping for emotional freedom) or one Ho’oponopono session. Any one of those is incredible in its ability to shift people and see immediate results.

9. How/where do people book with you? Website/email/ social media/etc.

You can find my event listings at ‘Living from Heart Center” on Meetup and Facebook:
FB page: www.facebook.com/livingfromheartcenter
and on my meetup group: www.meetup.com/livingfromheartcenter

To book a session, you can email me at [email protected]
I’ve also just gotten on instagram, so you can follow Jeri Tourand, Living from Heart Center

10. Is there anything else you want to share/nuggets of wisdom?

The day of enlightenment is the day you choose to speak to yourself and treat yourself like you’re someone you love! It’s a matter of noticing when you stray and immediately forgiving yourself to clear any unloving thoughts, words and deeds. That is huge!

Thank you!!! <3